Archived Procurements - 2013


Questions about ITBs should be referred to the Alabama Finance Department's Purchasing Division

Many RFPs include a copy of the Alabama Medicaid Management System (AMMIS) Interface Standards Document.  Click here to link to this reference document. 

Note: All documents related to closed procurements are combined into a single file.  

Advanced Fraud Detection Case Management System RFP
2013-CMFD-01 - Released 10/7/13 
Independent Verification and Validation Consultant Services RFP   
2013-IV&V-02 - Released 9/11/13

Vendor Selection - Released 1/8/14

Inpatient Hospital Quality Assurance Program ITB
2013 ITB #14-X-2250221 - Released 9/9/13
Regional Care Organization Implementation Support RFP 
2013-IS-01 - Released 8/7/13

Vendor Selection - Released 11/1/13   

Radiology Management ITB                                LINK
2013 ITB #14-X-2250220 - Released 8/6/13