RCO Collaboration and Reporting

Each person or entity who is operating or may operate as a RCO Collaborator shall possess a certificate (Certificate to Collaborate) issued by the Alabama Medicaid Agency qualifying such person or entity to collaborate as set forth in Section 22-6-163 of the Alabama Code. 

Important Note Regarding Collaboration: The Agency is not able to provide legal advice regarding the interpretation of Act 2013-261 or any other law. Should you have any questions about the new law you should carefully review the language of the Act with the counsel of your choice.

To Apply for a Certificate to Collaborate
  • To apply for a certificate to collaborate as an RCO Collaborator, you must first create a profile in the Agency's online system and then submit your application through the portal.
  • RCO Collaborator Portal

To Submit a Periodic Report          
  • Each Collaborator issued a Certificate to Collaborate is required to submit a periodic report to the Alabama Medicaid Agency no later than March 1 and September 1 of each year in which the Collaborator holds a Certificate to Collaborate.

  • Authorized Collaborators will receive an email with instructions and a direct link to log in to the account to complete the report form online.  If unable to log in using the link in the email, click on the red button below to go to the log in screen.

  • If the email of record on the application has changed, or if the contact person of record has changed, it is the responsibility of the certificate holder to update their file in order to receive notifications about reporting. This does not relieve the certificate holder of responsibility for filing the report on a timely basis.

    • To access the online report form, you must:

      • Sign into the account you established when you applied for a certificate using your user name and password

      • Go to the dashboard for your account and look for a button on the left side that says Periodic Report

      • Click on the Periodic Report Button to begin answering report questions

      • If you have questions, click here to read the tutorial manual. Information on submitting a Periodic Report is located on Page 40.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  You may only have one submission pending with the Medicaid Agency at any given time.  Once a periodic report has been submitted, no other activity (e.g. submission of an amended application) may occur within the account until an action has been taken on the report. Conversely, if you submit an amended application, you will not be able to submit a periodic report until an action has been taken on the application.