Maternity Manuals, Guidelines and Forms

Manuals, guidelines and forms for use with the Alabama Medicaid Maternity Care Program

General Information / Forms / Guidelines
RFP Maternity Care Program RFP 2015-MCMS-01 - 7/22/15
Guidelines Guidelines developed by the Alabama Perinatal  Excellence Collaborative (APEC)
Forms Maternity-Related Forms
Manual Maternity Program Operational Manual (with bookmarked attachments) -1/1/16

Performance Improvement Projects
Report  Evaluation of Alabama Medicaid's Maternity Smoking Harms Education Initiative - Published 4/2/10
Report  Reducing the Risk of Preterm Birth/17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate - Published 4/10/15
Report  Reducing Not Medically Indicated C-sections between 37 and 39 Weeks Gestation - Published October 2012
Provider Manual / Administrative Code
Chapter 24 Provider Billing Manual - Maternity Care
Chapter 25 Provider Billing Manual - Midwives
Chapter 45 Administrative Code - Maternity Care
Chapter 21 Administrative Code - Midwives
Chapter 43 Administrative Code - Prenatal Care

Medications / DME & Supplies
Chart Prenatal Vitamins by NDC - Effective 7/2/18   
Booklet PDL Reference Tool - Effective 7/2/18    
Chart  Smoking Cessation Dosing Guidelines during pregnancy - Updated version coming soon!
Fact Sheet Medicaid MakenaTM Information Sheet
Guidelines Medicaid Coverage for Medication and Durable Medical Equipment/Supplies for Maternity Care Recipients