2018 Annual Report

Chart Enrollment and Annual Cost Per Enrollee
Chart Who Does Alabama Medicaid Serve?
Chart Medicaid and Alabama Overview
Chart Annual Cost Per Monthly Average Eligible for Medical Care by Category of Aid, Gender, Race and Age
Map Medicaid Annual Eligibles by County
Map Percent of Population Annually Eligible by County
Chart Medicaid Eligibles as a Percent of Population by Year
Chart Monthly and Average Annual Medicaid Eligibles
Chart Medicaid Annual Eligibles by Category of Aid and County
Chart County Impact - Average Annual Benefit Payments Per Monthly Average Eligibles by County
Chart County Impact - Annual Benefit Payments Per Provider Type by County
Chart Hospital Contribution to State Share
Chart Inpatient Hospital Program
Chart Outpatient Hospital Program
Chart Nursing Home and HCBS Waiver Utilization and Expenditures
Chart Long Term Care Program Intermediate Care Facility for the Intellectually Disabled Utilization and Cost
Chart Long Term Care Program Utilization
Chart Long Term Care Program Patient Days and Costs
Chart Long Term Care Program Recipients and Claims Payments by Gender, Race and Age
Chart Pharmacy Program Expenditures
Chart Pharmacy Program Member Utilization
Chart Pharmacy Program Cost Per Member and Recipient
Chart Physician Program Cost and Utilization by Age Category
Third Party Recoveries/Program Integrity
Chart Collections
Chart Measureable Cost Avoidance
Chart Program Integrity Activity
Chart Medicaid Use of Funds
Chart Medicaid Source of Funds
Chart Total State Share Funding Received
Chart Expenditures by Type of Service (total Federal and State dollars)
Chart Expenditures by Type of Service (as percent of total)
Chart Expenditures for Medical Services by Coverage and Aid Category
Chart Total Sources of Medicaid Funding
Chart Medicaid Expenditure Budget Administrative Expense by Major Functional Areas