PCP Groups Required to Complete New Enrollment Agreement


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      TO:    Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)

       PCP Groups Required to Complete New Enrollment Agreement

The ACHN anticipated start date is October 1, 2019. Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) who want to receive bonus and participation payments without delay in conjunction with the state’s planned ACHN program must sign a new enrollment agreement with Medicaid by July 1, 2019.

The Alabama Medicaid Primary Care Physician Group Enrollment Agreement

  •          Replaces the current Patient 1st enrollment agreement
  •       Between Medicaid and the individual PCP practitioner or PCP group
  •       Only one Medicaid agreement is required for an individual PCP practitioner or a PCP group
  •       Outlines the PCP’s responsibilities including:

                  Hospital coverage

                  EPSDT coverage

                 24/7 Voice-to-Voice coverage; similar to the requirements found in the current Patient 1st agreement 

A copy of this agreement is available on Medicaid’s website at:

Mail the application package to:   DXC Provider Enrollment Unit

                                                      301 Technacenter Drive

                                                      Montgomery, AL 36117                             

The PCP Group Enrollment Agreement MUST be received on or before July 1, 2019

 to ensure there is no delay in receiving bonus and participation payments.

The following provider types are eligible to participate with ACHN as a PCP:

·         Family Practitioners

·         General Practitioners

·         Pediatricians

·         Internal Medicine

·         OB/GYNs

·         Any provider listed above within a group may also be eligible to be a PCP group

·         When in the best interest of a patient (e.g., children with special health care needs), a nontraditional PCP may participate in the ACHN program as a PCP.  Other physicians may be considered for PCP participation if willing to meet all contractual requirements

For more information related to the Agreement, please contact DXC Provider Enrollment at 1-888-223-3630 -select option one.  The Alabama Medicaid Agency has more information about the ACHN program on the website:

A video presentation for providers is available at: