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TO:  Delivering Healthcare Professionals (DHCPs)

Delivering Healthcare Professional Groups Required to Complete New Agreement

The ACHN anticipated start date is October 1, 2019. Delivering Healthcare Professionals (DHCPs) who want to receive, without delay, reimbursement and bonus payments for treating maternity patients must sign a new agreement to participate with an ACHN Entity. In the absence of this agreement, DHCPs will not be eligible for reimbursement for maternity services and will not receive bonus payments for performing first trimester and post-partum visits.

The Participation Agreement Between the ACHN Entity and the DHCP

•    Replaces the current Maternity Primary Contractor agreements
•    Is an agreement between the ACHN and the individual DHCP practitioner or DHCP group
      Only one participation agreement with an ACHN Entity is required for an individual DHCP practitioner
      or a DHCP group to participate with all ACHN Entities.
•    This agreement details the responsibilities for active participation with the ACHN.  The participation
      responsibilities are:

                        a)  Provide data to the ACHN;
                        b)  Participate in the development of the Eligible Individual’s (EI) Care Plan; and
                        c)  Participate in the DHCP selection and referral process.

The ACHN should contact your practice regarding this agreement in the near future or you may
contact the ACHN in the region(s) where you practice.

The ACHN MUST notify Medicaid of the status of the DHCP agreement on or before July 1, 2019. Please submit your DCHP agreement to the ACHN before the above date to ensure there is no delay in receiving reimbursement for providing services and receiving bonus payments.

The following provider types are eligible to participate with the ACHN as a DHCP:
•    OB/GYNs
•    Nurse Midwives
•    Other practitioners

For more information related to the ACHN Participation Agreement, please contact DXC Provider Enrollment at:  1-888-223-3630 – select option one.

The Alabama Medicaid Agency has more information about the ACHN program on the website at:

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