Maternity Waiver Program to End


TO:            All Medicaid Enrolled Providers

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Alabama Coordinated Health Networks (ACHNs) will begin operation on October 1, 2019, and the Maternity Waiver Program will end September 30, 2019.

Although, this program will end, the ACHN Program will provide a single care coordination delivery system that effectively links patients, providers, and community resources in seven defined regions of the state. The ACHNs will provide maternity care coordination services beginning November 1, 2019.

Physician services provided to maternity recipients will no longer be billed to the maternity contractor. These services will be billed directly to Medicaid. Delivering Healthcare Professionals (DHCP) must participate with the ACHN to ensure proper reimbursement for maternity services.

DHCPs participating with the ACHN will qualify for two bonus payments in addition to delivery rates. To obtain a copy of the DHCP agreement with the ACHN, contact the ACHN in your region. Providers can visit the following link for ACHN contacts:

For questions about the ACHN program, please email or you may review ACHN information on the website at the following link: