Free Influenza Vaccine Provided by Alabama Department of Public Health


TO:        All Pharmacy Providers


RE:        Free Influenza Vaccine Provided by Alabama Department of Public Health



The Alabama Medicaid Agency, in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), will allow reimbursement of a vaccine administration fee to Alabama Medicaid pharmacy providers who utilize free influenza vaccines provided by the federal government. Please see the guidelines and policies below for administering the free vaccines to Alabama Medicaid patients:


  • Use all privately purchased vaccines first.

  •  Free supplemental influenza vaccine cost can’t be reimbursed, but an administrative fee can be requested.

  • When billing a Medicaid recipient for the free vaccine, no ingredient cost or dispensing fee should be included on the claim. A $5.00 administration fee may be submitted. 

  • Pharmacies should submit the administration fee in the Incentive Amount Submitted field (NCPDP Field 438-E3) on the same claim as the vaccine (i.e. ingredient).

  •  Recoupments may occur if it is determined that a free supplemental vaccine was administered to a Medicaid patient and an ingredient cost and dispensing fee were submitted on the claim.

  • All administered vaccines must be entered into ImmPrint via interface or manually within 72 hours.


For more information, visit the ADPH guidance here:


Additional policy questions concerning this provider notice should be directed to the Alabama Medicaid Pharmacy Program at (334) 242-5050.