Provider Eligibility Date Verification Process


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TO:   All Providers


RE:   Provider Eligibility Date Verification Process


Beginning January 20, 2023, providers may use the Automated Voice Response System (AVRS) to verify if a provider is actively enrolled with Alabama Medicaid.


Steps to access Provider Eligibility Date Verification

1.     Dial 1-800-727-7848 to be connected to the AVRS

2.     Select Option 1 for Doctor or Medical Service Provider

3.     Select Option 8 for Provider Eligibility Date Verification

4.     Enter NPI or Medicaid Provider ID

(NOTE: You may be asked to provide a taxonomy and zip code to limit results if an exact match cannot be found.)

5.     Enter Verification Date


The AVRS will provide a response indicating if the NPI and/or Medicaid Provider ID entered is or is not eligible for the date entered.


Effective January 20, 2023, providers contacting Provider Enrollment or Provider Assistance to verify eligibility/enrollment dates will be directed to the AVRS.


NOTE: This response does not guarantee payment or reflect all information required for reimbursement of services such as prior authorization requirements, provider type and specialty restrictions, or other coverage restrictions.


If you have questions regarding obtaining eligibility dates, please contact the Provider Assistance Center at 1-800-688-7989 or a Provider Representative.

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