Change to the Alabama Medicaid 1095-B Form Process


In the last year, a law changed and now most people do not need proof of Medicaid coverage in order to file their taxes. Therefore, Alabama Medicaid will not mail a 1095-B form to recipients this year.

If you still need a 1095-B form, you can ask for it by phone, email, or mail.

Phone:  (toll free) 1-844-366-7996


Mail requests to:  DXC Technology, P. O. Box 244032, Montgomery, AL 36124-4032, ATTN:RCC

Please provide your first and last name, medicaid number, current mailing address that is on file, and/or new address. 

Medicaid can only send a 1095-B form to people who had full Medicaid or pregnancy Medicaid in the past 5 years.