Frequently Asked Questions

When you do not qualify for Medicaid coverage

Alabama Medicaid is a very limited program and does not cover all low-income people, or does not cover all medical services for people on Medicaid.

Below are some questions people often ask other help that might be available.  Click on the questions to see the answers:

Federal clinics (FQHCs) typically charge based on your ability to pay. A list is on Medicaid's website at Programs > Medical Facilities. In some communities, there are services available through the local health department or medical clinics for people who do not have any type of insurance.
As far as Medicaid is concerned, there are limited options. If the person has a child and is a parent/caretaker, or wishes to have family planning coverage only through Plan First, they should check with their former case worker or a Medicaid worker at a public health department for help. If the person is disabled, they may want to consider applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) through the Social Security Administration. Patient Assistance programs (click on Recipients on Medicaid's website) may be able to help with medicine if you have no other coverage. Another option is to apply for insurance through the federal marketplace at
There are a number of programs that are set up to help people who do not have insurance to get their medicine. There is a list of these Patient Assistance Programs on Medicaid's website. Go to Programs > Pharmacy, then look near the bottom of the page under "Additional Resources."