Family Planning Services

Family Planning services are designed to help Medicaid eligible men and women prevent or delay pregnancy.  Females of childbearing age, 8 through 55, and males of any age who may be sexually active and meet the criteria for Medicaid eligibility may receive family planning services.  Women who qualify for pregnancy-related services only are covered for family planning services through the end of the month in which the last postpartum day falls.

Family Planning Services

Plan First Program


When not eligible for other types of Medicaid benefits, women ages 19 through 55 and men age 21 or older may qualify for family planning services through the Agency’s Plan First Program.

Eligible women qualify for most family planning services and supplies, including birth control pills, the Depo-Provera shot, vaginal ring, diaphragm and contraceptive patch, doctor/clinic visits (for family planning only) and tubal ligations. Eligible men qualify for doctor/clinic visits (for family planning only), vasectomies and post semen analysis. Plan First recipients are eligible to receive tobacco cessation counseling and products.

Plan First does not pay for any other medical services such as managing or treating medical conditions/diseases or procedures.

To enroll or have questions about the Plan First Program, call 1-888-737-2083. The call is free.

Plan First Program
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