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ATTENTION:  Alabama Medicaid Recipients

Medicaid recipients were mailed a letter to let them know that renewal forms will be sent out throughout the year and must be returned to Medicaid. Recipients will get their renewal letter in the mail at their normal renewal time. That is usually one year from the date they signed up for Medicaid.

Alabama Medicaid will review each recipient’s case during their renewal month to see if recipients qualify.

If recipients do not return their renewal forms, Medicaid coverage may end due to no response

To qualify for Medicaid:

  • Report any information changes (family size, income, marital status and etc.)

  • Renew your Medicaid when you receive your letter and send it back to Medicaid

  • Meet eligibility requirements  

Things to remember:   

  • Keep your address and other contact information up to date with Medicaid

  • Report changes, log in to the My Medicaid portal

  • Apply/renew for Medicaid online

If you are an SSI recipient, you will not receive a renewal form and will be automatically renewed.