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ATTENTION:  Alabama Medicaid Recipients

A law has been passed to help you keep your Medicaid during the COVID-19 emergency.

All recipients who were on Alabama Medicaid in March 2020, and everyone who becomes eligible for Medicaid during this emergency, will be able to keep Medicaid until the emergency has ended.

This means that Alabama Medicaid will no longer close your case during the emergency unless:

  • you move out of state

  • you ask for your Medicaid to be stopped

To help keep your Medicaid from ending after the emergency:

  • report any information changes

  • renew your Medicaid if it is time


Recipients also do not have to pay copayments to the hospital, doctor’s office, pharmacy, or for medical equipment and supplies during the COVID-19 emergency.

To make changes to your Medicaid or if you have questions, call (800) 362-1504. You can also make changes through My Medicaid at

 You can apply for Medicaid online at