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Vendor Trading Partner Agreement
An EDI Trading Partner is an entity (provider, billing service, clearinghouse, software vendor, etc.) that transmits electronic data to and receives electronic data from another entity. Alabama Medicaid requires all trading partners to complete EDI registration. This form must be filled out in its entirety and returned to Alabama Medicaid.

Companion Guides
The information in these guides is subject to change.
5010: Please refer to the Change Summary section for the latest information available.

Alabama Medicaid HIPAA X12 Companion Guide for 5010

CAQH CORE Operating Rules
CAQH and CORE has been named as the Operating Rules Authoring Entity for transactions within section 1104 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Alabama Medicaid is currently working on implementing Phase III of the CAQH CORE Rules. Click on the link below to access more information on the rules.

Batch Response File (BRF)
There will be one standard proprietary batch response file for 837 Dental, Professional and Institutional transactions. This batch response will only be returned to the trading partner that uploads a batch of claims.

Port Closure Authorization Form
The Port Closure Authorization form grants DXC Technology permission to close existing X12 270/271 and/or 276/277 testing and production ports. Please complete the authorization form and submit by fax to the EMC Help Desk at (334) 215-4272.

If you have any questions, please contact the EMC Help Desk at (800) 456–1242 or (334) 215–0111.

Vendor Interface Specifications Document
The interChange Vendor Interface Specifications document is intended for vendors to use when developing applications to interact with the Alabama State Medicaid System. Processes to upload and download HIPAA-compliant transaction batches via a secure Internet website are described and sample code is provided within the document.

APPENDIX A:  834 Code Values (Alabama RCO Startup Guide)

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