Preventing Fraud - Recipients

Federal rules require that Medicaid recipients take steps to prevent fraud and abuse of the program. 

Steps Medicaid Recipients Can Take:
  • Keeping their Medicaid identification card in a safe place
  • Not selling, loaning or altering their Medicaid card in order to obtain services for others
  • Following the rules for Medicaid and the doctor's/clinic's office
  • Telling Medicaid about any health/medical insurance or payments from a third party
  • Notifying Medicaid of any changes in income, living arrangements or resources

All cases of suspected fraud, abuse or misuse by recipients are investigated by the Alabama Medicaid Agency.  Recipients who are proven to have abused or misused the Medicaid program may be "locked in" to one doctor and one drug store, be required to repay the Agency for misspent funds and/or may be suspended from the program for at least one year and until full restitution is made.