Search Help

To get the best results when searching the Alabama Medicaid website, try some of the tips below.  For additional assistance, email us at

Things to remember:
  • Searches are not case-sensitive. (It doesn't matter whether you capitalize the words or not.)
  • You may include "not," "and", or "or" in your search to make it more specific. (This is called Boolean logic.)
  • Phrase searching is currently not available.
  • A search or keyword must have at least two characters.
  • Try to choose keywords that best describe what you are searching for.
  • If you do not get the results you are expecting, try a different set of words or fewer words.
Search Examples:
  • Type a single keyword: "application" Every word on a page is indexed on the computer hosting the site, so try to choose one word that is specific to your interest.
  • Search by more than one word: "nursing home application" The search engine only allows for searching by words rather than phrases. For example, if you search for "nursing home applications", the search engine will show all pages with nursing, home and applications regardless of the word order. The search results will include relevant documents even if they include only one word from your original search.
  • Search results: Once you submit the search, a list of documents containing your request will appear.  The results will be ranked with the highest scoring pages listed first.  Pages are given a "score" by the search engine according to how often and where the word appears. For example, a word in a page title will score higher than a word in the page text.  Usually, a higher scoring page is more likely to be relevant to your search.