Hospital to Home

The Alabama Medicaid Agency's Hospital to Home (H2H) program supports transitions back to the community via the hospital setting. The program works in coordination with the Alabama Gateway to Community Living (GCL) and Alabama Community Transitions (ACT) programs, which are designed to transition individuals from hospitals back to the community.

In an effort to simplify access to long-term care services and support for recipients and families, the Alabama Medicaid Agency, Integrated Care Network’s Case Management Organizations (CMOs) and hospitals can provide advanced access to the ACT or Elderly and Disabled (E&D) waiver services to eligible recipients who, upon discharge, are at risk of institutional long-term care placement.

Eligibility Requirements      
  • Receive full Alabama Medicaid coverage
  • Be medically eligible for long-term care placement
  • Have suitable, safe, accessible and affordable housing in which to return
  • Have a willing and able caregiver