COVID-19 Information for Providers

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COVID-19 Update for Providers from Alabama Medicaid

The Alabama Medicaid Agency (Medicaid) regularly receives questions about changes during the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE). The following Provider ALERTs outline changes implemented to better serve recipients and to assist providers in our state.

Coverage continues for Medicaid recipients until the end of the PHE:

Recipients enrolled in Alabama Medicaid since March 2020, and all people who became eligible for Medicaid during the PHE keep Medicaid coverage until the emergency ends. Coverage is only terminated during the PHE if a recipient 1-moves out of state, 2-asks to cancel coverage, or 3-passes away.

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Recipients to Remain Eligible During COVID-19 Emergency - 3/31/20

Eligibility redetermination:

Once the PHE ends, recipients will be redetermined for eligibility. Recipients can visit the following link for information on updating contact information to ensure they receive notice from the Agency:

Copayments waived for recipients for ALL services during the PHE:

ALERT:   Waiver for Medicaid Copayments During COVID-19 Emergency - 3/27/20  

Referral requirements lifted during the PHE:

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Will Temporarily Lift the EPSDT Referral Requirement - 3/25/20

ALERT:   Temporary Changes to ACHN Care Coordination, PCP/DHCP Referrals, and Medical Management Meetings - 3/26/20

ALERT:   Changes to ACHN DHCP Selection Referral Process - 5/18/21

ALERT:   EPSDT and PCP Referral Requirements - 7/27/21

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Postpones Resumption of EPSDT Referral Requirement - 8/20/21

New procedure codes for COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration reimbursement:

ALERT:   COVID-19 Lab Testing Procedure Codes – 3/13/20

ALERT:   Additional Laboratory Testing and Specimen Collection Codes for Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 5/12/20

ALERT:   HRSA Provides Reimbursement for COVID-19 Testing and Treatment for Uninsured Individuals - 5/29/20

ALERT:   Additional Laboratory Testing for Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 5/29/20

ALERT:   COVID-19 Eligibility and Testing FAQs for Providers and Recipients - 6/3/20

ALERT:   COVID-19 Rapid Test Procedure Code 87426 - 8/20/20

ALERT:   COVID-19 Testing for Uninsured Individuals - 11/3/20

ALERT:   COVID-19 Vaccine Information -12/11/20

ALERT:   COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Pharmacy Billing - 12/29/20

ALERT:   Information on Billing for Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines (for Non-Pharmacy Providers) - 1/11/21

ALERT:   COVID-19 Testing Procedure Codes - 2/16/21

ALERT:   COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Infusion - 2/16/21

ALERT:   Reimbursement Increase for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration - 3/18/21

ALERT:   COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Pharmacy Billing - 3/18/21

ALERT:   New Coverage for Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine (for Non-Pharmacy Providers) - 3/24/21

ALERT:   COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Pharmacy Billing - 4/16/21

ALERT:   Information on Billing for Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines (for Non-Pharmacy Providers)  - 6/4/21

ALERT:   COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Pharmacy Billing - 8/18/21

ALERT:   COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Infusion - 11/21/21

ALERT:   Information on Billing for Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines (for Non-Pharmacy Providers) - 1/13/22

ALERT:   COVID-19 OTC At Home Tests Pharmacy Billing – 1/20/22

ALERT:   Billing for COVID-19 Vaccine Counseling for Recipients Under Age 21 – 4/13/22

Telemedicine/telephonic reimbursement during the PHE:

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Extends Temporary Telemedicine Coverage – 3/18/20

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Extends Temporary Telemedicine Coverage for Optometrists - 3/20/20

ALERT:   Temporary Changes to Allow Reimbursement for Telephonic Postpartum Visits - 3/27/20

ALERT:   Temporarily Allowing Speech and Occupational Therapy Services Through Telemedicine During COVID-19 Emergency - 3/27/20

ALERT:  AL Medicaid Temporarily Allowing Physical Therapy Services Through Telemedicine During COVID-19 Emergency - 4/3/20

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Authorizes Telemedicine for Prenatal Visits During COVID-19 Emergency - 4/30/20

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Extends Additional Procedure Code Coverage via Telemedicine - 5/1/20

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Updates Policies for Well Child Screenings and Other Services - 5/8/20

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Extend Additional Behavioral Health Procedure Code Coverage via Telemedicine - 5/21/20

ALERT:   Telemedicine Origination Site Facility Fee for Outpatient Clinic Services - 7/21/20

Hospital coverage changes during the PHE:

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Temporarily Extends Inpatient Stays for Recipients in Response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic - 4/16/20

ALERT:   20% Increase in Per Diem Rates for COVID-19 Related Acute Care Hospital Inpatient Stays - 6/26/20

Pharmacy/DME changes during the PHE:

ALERT:   Pharmacy Updates Related to COVID-19 – 3/18/20

ALERT:   Alabama Medicaid Modifies Recipient Signature Requirement during COVID-19 Emergency - 3/20/20

ALERT:   Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Program Updates Related to COVID - 8/19/20

ALERT:   Pharmacy Updates Related to COVID-19 - 4/14/21

ALERT:   Synagis® Criteria for Summer 2021 (as part of the 2020-2021 Season); and the Use of Synagis® in the 2021–2022 Season - 8/17/21

Nursing Home changes during the PHE:

ALERT:   Waiver for Pre-Admission Screening and Annual Resident Review (PASRR) Level I and Level  II Assessments for 30 Days - 3/26/20  

ALERT:   Notice of Increased Per Diem Rate and One-time Cleaning Fee Reimbursement for Nursing Facilities Related to COVID-19 Health Emergency - 4/15/20

ALERT:   Hospice Claims Reprocessed Due to Increased Per Diem Rate for Nursing Facilities Related to COVID-19 Health Emergency - 4/24/20

Other Programs:

ALERT:   Waiver for Ambulance Providers During COVID-19 Emergency - 4/1/20

ALERT:   PDN Providers COVID-19 Guidance - 5/14/20

ALERT:   Adjusting Hospice Claims Reprocessed Due to Increase Per Diem Rate (COVID-19) - 5/15/20

ALERT:   Extension of PCMH Recognition Attestation Deadline due to COVID-19 - 6/22/20

ALERT:   Dental Changes Related to COVID-19 Emergency - 6/22/20

ALERT:   Financial Accounting for COVID-19 on the Alabama Medicaid Cost Report - 7/10/20

ALERT:   Changes to Body Mass Index Requirement during Public Health Emergency - 7/14/21

ALERT:   Provider Desk and Onsite Record Reviews - 7/16/21

ALERT:   Onsite Cost Report Audits - 7/28/21

Recent PHE Extension ALERTs from 2022:

ALERT:   COVID-19 Emergency Expiration Date Extended to May 31, 2022 - 4/13/22

ALERT:   COVID-19 Emergency Expiration Date Extended to March 31, 2022 - 2/15/22

ALERT:   COVID-19 Emergency Expiration Date Extended to February 28, 2022 - 1/26/22

ALERT:   COVID-19 Emergency Expiration Date Extended to January 31, 2022 - 12/23/21

Other changes during the PHE were implemented and can be found on Alabama Medicaid’s COVID-19 Update page. This page is updated regularly with recipient and provider information:

COVID-19 Vaccine Information