Proposed State Plan Amendments

 Amendments to the State Plan (SPAs) are required when changes to amount, duration or scope of services, or eligibility requirements are proposed. Click on links below to view SPAs by year in which they were filed.

Inquiries regarding proposed SPAs should be directed to:

Administative Secretary
Alabama Medicaid Agency
501 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL  36130


Date Filed Proposed SPA
2/20/19 Alabama Coordinated Health Network
3/20/19 Nurse Practitioners
4/18/19 Outpatient Pharmacy 340b Program
5/20/19 Medicaid Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Program
6/19/19 Federally Qualified Health Centers
6/19/19 Rural Health Clinics
6/21/19 Supplemental Drug Rebate
9/11/19 Drug Utilization Review
9/20/19 Hospital Reimbursement Methodology
10/21/19 Teaching Physicians
12/12/19 Pharmacy Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC)
12/18/19 Targeted Case Management (TCM) Providers
Date Filed Proposed SPA
3/21/18 Substance Use Disorder
4/20/18 Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Reimbursement
8/20/18 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy
9/20/18 Hospital Services and Reimbursement
10/22/18 Autism Spectrum Disorder
10/22/18 Rehab Option - Autism Spectrum Disorder
11/19/18 Autism Spectrum Disorder EPSDT
Date Filed Proposed SPA
1/20/17 Administrative Fair Hearings Public Notice
1/20/17 Psychiatric Facilities for Individuals 65 or Older Public Notice
4/28/17 Covered Outpatient Drug Final Rule with Comment (CMS-2345-FC)
4/28/17 Payments to Teaching Physicians
7/20/17 Administrative Fair Hearings
9/20/17 Hospital Services and Reimbursement
10/20/17 Recovery Audit Contractor
11/17/17 Rehabilitative Option
Date Filed Proposed SPA
3/21/16 American Indians' Cost Sharing Exemption Public Notice
7/20/16 Medical Assistance Public Notice
9/13/16 Hospital Reimbursement
9/21/16 Physician BUMP Reinstatement
11/17/16 Recovery Audit Contractor Public Notice
Date Filed Proposed SPA
1/22/15 Transitional Medical Assistance Public Notice
2/19/15 Physician and Physician Extenders Public Notice
8/13/15 Tribal Notification Public Notice
8/20/15 Personal Choices Program SPA Public Notice
8/21/15 Emergency Medical Services SPA Public Notice
9/21/15 Pharmacy Dispensing Fee Public Notice
9/21/15 Primary Care Service Payment Public Notice
10/21/15 Application Streamlininng Public Notice
10/21/15 Full Coverage for Pregnant Women Public Notice
11/18/15 Supplemental Drug Rebate contract Public Notice
Date Filed Proposed SPA
8/11/14 Health Homes Public Notice
9/22/14 Hospital Reimbursement Public Notice
9/22/14 DME Reimbursement Public Notice
11/17/14 Non-Emergency Transportation Public Notice
12/16/14 Physician Teaching Facilities Public Notice
12/16/14 Physician Payments Public Notice