Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Supplies, appliances and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) are a covered Medicaid benefit when medically necessary and suitable for use in the home. Providers must ensure the items are for medical/therapeutic purposes and will minimize the necessity for hospitalization or admission to a nursing facility or other institution. Certain types of equipment must be approved prior to use.

DME providers must be licensed annually by the Alabama Board of Home Medical Equipment Services (HME). For more information regarding how to become a licensed HME provider, visit  www.homemed.state.al.us and click on the forms link.

For questions about Durable Medical Equipment (DME):  Email DME Program Phone: 334-242-5050

ATTENTION: All DME Providers: A new feature has been added to the provider web portal. DME providers will have the option to view all DME PAs for a recipient, even those requested by another provider. Please review the provider web portal User Manual for instructions. Contact the DXC Electronic Media Claims (EMC) Helpdesk for assistance at (800) 456-1242 or (334) 215-0111.

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