Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

DME providers must be licensed annually by the Alabama Board of Home Medical Equipment Services (HME). For more information regarding how to become a licensed HME provider, visit  www.homemed.alabama.gov and click on the forms link.For questions about Durable Medical Equipment (DME):  Email DME Program Phone: 334-242-5050.

ATTENTION: All DME Providers: A new feature has been added to the provider web portal. DME providers will have the option to view all DME PAs for a recipient, even those requested by another provider. Please review the provider web portal User Manual for instructions. Contact the Gainwell Technologies assistance center at (800) 456-1242 or (334) 215-0111.

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  • Important COVID-19 Updates for DME Providers

    In response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Alabama Medicaid Agency has compiled a summary of changes and allowances made by the Agency as they apply to DME providers. Medicaid has extended all expiration dates below related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.
    • See all ALERTS here:https://medicaid.alabama.gov/alerts.aspx
    • Medicaid COVID-19 updates here:          https://medicaid.alabama.gov/news_detail.aspx?ID=13729
    • Updated signature requirements during the state of emergency, effective 3/16/20
    • Existing Prior Authorizations can temporarily be extended for 30 days, effective 3/16/20
    • New Prior Authorizations will still be processed through normal means, but with the following temporary modifications during the state of emergency, effective 3/16/20:
        • Face to Face evaluation is not required; telemedicine is allowed
        • Prescription orders is not considered outdated if 90 days past date written
        • EPSDT screening/referrals not needed for prior authorization
    DME providers, During the state of emergency, the Alabama Medicaid Agency hopes to provide additional options to submit a prior authorization request (or renewal request).  Please see below.   Options for Submitting Prior Authorization (PA) requests to Kepro due to COVID 19 State of Emergency
    • If faxing via Form 471:
      • Single Request - Only complete the Supplier Information section and then add the PA number and a brief comment (i.e. PA extension).
      • Multiple Requests-Only complete the Supplier Information section and then attach a list of the PAs and a brief comment (i.e. PA extension).
      • Requests may be faxed to 833-536-2134 or 833-536-2136 (the fax number is located on the Form 471, bottom of page). 
    • You may call a Kepro reviewer directly regarding your PA request(s) at 800-426-7259 or 800-472-2902. 
    • Please reference the provider Portal for PA extension updates.
    • Please feel free to contact Kepro as needed for any questions at 800-426-7259 or 800-472-2902.