PEC / Swing Beds

PEC Services and Swing Beds are two types of hospital-based services that may be available in some communities under certain circumstances.

Post-Hospital Extended Care

The Post Hospital Extended Care (PEC) Program is for Medicaid recipients in acute care hospitals who no longer need hospital level care, but cannot be placed in a nursing facilities due to lack of an available bed or because the level of care needed is not available at an area nursing facility.

Patients in this program remain in the hospital, but receive services ordinarily provided in a nursing facility. For these patients, the hospital is reimbursed a daily rate equal to the average daily rate paid to nursing facilities in the state. The hospital is obligated to actively seek nursing home placement for these patients.

Swing Beds

Swing Beds are hospital beds that have been certified by Medicare to be used as a hospital or acute care bed or as a skilled nursing facility bed. Reimbursement for a Medicaid recipient receiving skilled nursing facility care in a swing bed is paid a per diem rate equal to the average rate paid to participating nursing homes.