Billing for COVID-19 Vaccine Counseling for Recipients Under Age 21


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TO:   Vaccine Providers


RE:   Billing for COVID-19 Vaccine Counseling for Recipients Under Age 21


Effective April 1, 2021, through a time indicated by the Alabama Medicaid Agency (Medicaid), Medicaid will cover the following procedure codes for COVID-19 vaccine counseling for recipients under age 21 when billed in conjunction with a well-child visit (EPSDT periodic or interperiodic screening), whether a vaccine is or is not administered on the same day:


Procedure code

Procedure code description


CPT 99401

preventive counseling, individual, approximately 15 minutes



When will the rate of $31.70 end?


At such time Medicaid indicates through a subsequent Provider ALERT.


When is it appropriate to bill CPT 99401?


A provider should bill this code when providing vaccine counseling to a recipient under age 21 for a COVID-19 vaccine.


Are modifiers required?


Provider should include modifiers CR and 25 when billing CPT 99401 with a well-child visit on the same day of service.


For questions, please visit or call the Medicaid Fiscal Agent at 1-800-688-7989.

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