Alabama Medicaid's Texting Service

Alabama Medicaid offers a text messaging service for recipients and providers. Text a keyword to 888777 to get text messages about public meetings, office closings, and other reminders. Messages and data rates may apply.

Benefits of Medicaid’s texting service

·         Easy to opt-in

·         Fastest way to let you know about meetings, reminders and other info

·         Works with any mobile phone

·         No software to download

·         Can opt-out at any time


Questions & Answers

• What is Nixle? Nixle is a part of Everbridge. Alabama Medicaid works with Everbridge to send trusted info through text message. Nixle is a secure web app that keeps your info private. This means Nixle will not provide Alabama Medicaid with your name or phone number. Everbridge and Nixle will not use your personal information. See Privacy Policy for details.

• What messages will I get from Nixle? You will only get text messages sent by Alabama Medicaid through Nixle.

• Do I have to register my email to use Nixle? No. Alabama Medicaid will not ask recipients to register an email with Nixle. If you want, Nixle will let you create a free Nixle account online. This account will let you see all Alabama Medicaid messages and alerts that you have opted-in to.

• Can anyone track my location by using the system? No. Nixle and Alabama Medicaid will not track a recipient. See Privacy Policy for more details.

• What do you do with my contact information? Will third parties contact me? Info shared by recipients with Nixle is secure. Nixle and Alabama Medicaid will not sell or publish identifiable health info or personal info to third parties. See Terms of Services and Privacy Policy for more details.

• Can I respond to a message? No. Recipients will only be able to get text messages.

• How do I stop getting text messages from Alabama Medicaid? Text STOP to 888777 if you want to stop getting text messages from Alabama Medicaid.

• I stopped getting messages but want to get messages again. Recipients can opt-in again by texting MEDICAIDAL to 888777. Providers can opt-in again by texting ALPROVIDERS to 888777.