Medicare Part D

Medicaid’s Third Party Division is responsible for maximizing Medicare coverage through establishment and monitoring of Medicare claims processing edits and by the purchase of Medicare Parts A and B coverage for eligible individuals.

When a Medicaid recipient becomes eligible for Medicare Part A or B coverage, the responsibility for prescription drug coverage will be administered by Medicare Part D. Medicaid will no longer pay for drugs covered under a Medicare Part D plan. The recipient will need to choose a Part D plan that best meets their needs as soon as possible. Email Medicaid if the Medicaid files have inaccurate Medicare dates.

Medicaid pays the Part B premium for recipients covered by certain Medicare Savings Programs (QMBs, SLMBs, & QI-1). Newly enrolled recipients should be aware that it takes approximately 8-12 weeks for the Social Security Administration to update its files so the Part B premium is no longer deducted from the monthly Social Security Check. 

Medicare Programs
  • Medicare Part A - Provides services associated with hospital, hospice, skilled nursing care and home healthcare.
  • Medicare Part B - Covers physicians, outpatient hospital care and many other services typically covered under health insurance plans.
  • Medicare Part C - Often referred to as "Medicare Advantage," this plan replaces Medicare A & B.
  • Medicare Part D - This is prescription drug coverage.
Information for Consumers About Part D