Frequently Asked Questions

 My Medicaid Recipient Web Portal

Medicaid's "My Medicaid" web portal has been set up to help recipients check their eligibility status and perform other functions online. Below are some questions people often ask about the "My Medicaid" web portal. Click on the questions to see the answers. Help may, also, be available by calling 1-800-362-1504.

The "My Medicaid" website is for Alabama Medicaid recipients or those who have applied for Alabama Medicaid services. You can see the status of an application, change personal information, request a new card, or see when you are eligible. A link to "My Medicaid" is at the bottom of the Medicaid website home page. Here is the direct link:
To set up a "My Medicaid" account you must have an email address to register. If you do not have an email address you can get a free email account at Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. Once you have an email address, you will need to click on the link, "New User-Register Now." You will be asked for some basic information and to set a password. Write your password down and keep it in a safe place where you can find it. Fill out the information and hit "Submit."
Click on the link on the left hand side of the screen that says, "Forgot User ID?" You will be asked for your date of birth and your recipient ID or Social Security Number. If the information you give matches up with your Medicaid file you will get a pop-up message that your User ID is being sent to the email address you registered.
To change your secret or "challenge" questions you will need to log in and then choose "My Account" on the left hand side under Recipient. Look in the section for "Contact Information" and select "Edit." You can then change or update your answers. You can also update your Site Key Picture and Passphrase in the same place.
Please send the following to Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Mailing Address, and either the last four of your Social Security Number, or your Medicaid Number, along with the Old Email Address and (your new) Alternate Email Address. In the subject box enter: My Medicaid EMail Address Change. The Recipient Call Center will be able to send a temporary password and User ID to let you get into your account to make updates.
After you enter your User ID go to the password page. Look under the blank where you would put your password and click on the link that says "Forgot Password." Answer a challenge question and click on "Submit." You will get a temporary password at the email address you set up when you registered. Enter the temporary password in the password field and click on "Log In." You will be sent to a screen where you will enter the temporary password, then choose a new password. After doing that, you will simply need to log in with your new password.
Go to the recipient section. Click on "Check Medicaid Status or Withdraw from Medicaid." Choose the name of the person you want to check on. The status of that person will be shown in the "Status" column.
Start by clicking on the green tab at the top that says "Medicaid Cards." It is under the yellow "M" at the top of the page. Or, look underneath the Medicaid Cards section on the home page and click on the sample card. Underneath the Medicaid Cards section click on "Get a New Card." Fill out the form to let Medicaid know why you need a new card. Be sure that your address is correct on the file or the card will be sent back to Medicaid. If you need a temporary card click on "Print Proof of Eligibility" and then click on the name of the person who needs the proof of eligibility. Click on "Submit." A print box for your computer will pop up so you can print the form.
To update your personal information such as address or marital status click on "My Account." From there you can review your information and follow directions to make your changes.
You can view your coverage on the My Medicaid Portal. After you login, select the “Coverage” tab at the top of the page or look underneath the “Coverage” section on the home page. Select “Who is Covered”. A recipient list will appear with the recipient’s date of birth and coverage details.
You can view your coverage on the My Medicaid Portal. After you login, select the “Coverage” tab at the top of the page or look underneath the “Coverage” section on the home page. Select “See Benefit Coverage”. In the recipient section, select the recipient from the drop-down list and click “Submit”. The Benefit Details for the recipient will appear.
Go to the Recipient section. Choose the name of the recipient from the drop down and select “Submit”. To withdraw from Medicaid, select “Close Account” from the “Action” column. Make sure the right recipient is listed on the next page and select the appropriate withdrawal reason from the drop down. Once a reason is selected, complete all required fields and click “Submit”. Be sure to confirm all changes.