Frequently Asked Questions

Other Eligibility Questions

Below are some questions people often ask about Medicaid eligibility.  Click on the questions to see the answers:

If you do not know who your worker is, call 1-800-362-1504 or visit the worker at your local health department.
It depends on how long ago your Medicaid eligibility expired. If it has been in the last month, you can either talk to your case worker or call the 1-800-362-1504 help line and ask them to update your record. If it's been longer than 6-8 weeks, you will need to reapply for Medicaid. The best way to do this is to apply online at
Yes. You can do this in one of two ways: 1) You can print out a Proof of Eligibility statement after you create a My Medicaid account.   Set your account up by clicking on this link: Once you create the account, remember to save your ID, password and other security information for future use. 2) You may contact your caseworker about a verification of eligibility printout. You may do this by calling the caseworker or visiting the Medicaid eligibility worker at a county health department in person. If you do not know who your caseworker is, go to Medicaid's website and click on Contacts > Applicant Contacts.
Contact your caseworker and that person can take care of terminating Medicaid coverage. You may do this by calling the caseworker or visiting in person. If you do not know who your caseworker call 1-800-362-1504 toll free for help.
The termination notice you received after you no longer qualified for Medicaid can be used as written confirmation.
The easiest way to make this change is to call your caseworker and give that person the information. Be sure to contact the Alabama Coordinated Health Network (ACHN) for your county as soon as possible to start your care. There is a list on Medicaid's website under ACHN > ACHN Recipient > ACHN Contacts for Recipients and Interactive Map.
A law changed and most people do not need proof of Medicaid to file their taxes. Alabama Medicaid will not mail a 1095B form to recipients. If you still need a 1095B form you can ask for it by calling (toll free) 1-844-366-7996; sending an e-mail to or mailing a request to this address: DXC Technology, P. O. Box 244032, Montgomery, AL 36124-4032, ATTN:RCC Please provide your first and last name, medicaid number, current mailing address that is on file, and/or new address. Medicaid can only send a 1095B form for people who had full Medicaid or pregnancy Medicaid in past 5 years.
It appears that your children’s Medicaid has expired. Medicaid sends a notice the month before it is time to renew. If you moved and did not tell Medicaid your new address, you did not get that notice. You will need to reapply. You can apply online by clicking on or by contacting your case worker.
If you are on SSI Medicaid, Medicaid cannot change your address. You will need to contact the Social Security Administration. You can get help for this at If you are not on SSI, then you can change your address in one of the following ways: 1) Contact your worker, 2) Send in a change of address form (form is at > Resources > Forms Library > Forms for Medicaid Applicants and Recipients > Form 295, or 3) You can set up a My Medicaid account through the Agency website and submit the change from there.
You can use the link at the bottom of Medicaid's website "home page" to go to the “My Medicaid” recipient website (Be sure to remember the user name and password that you use when you create the account so that you can use it later). Once that is set up, you can see information about your Medicaid status. You may also call 1-800-362-1504 for help.
This can be due to different reasons. If a person receives Social Security disability, they lose Medicaid SSI and then must wait 24 months (two years) before getting Medicare. The amount of the disability payment may also exceed Medicaid income limits.
Medicaid does not reimburse recipients for medical expenses paid out of pocket. If you have been awarded retroactive Medicaid, it is up to the provider if they wish to bill Medicaid for the time period the person was granted eligibility.  Usually if a provider agrees to bill and receives payment, they will reimburse the patient who paid out of pocket. So, it is a good idea to follow up with your provider(s) about your expenses.
No. Medicaid can only verify your Medicaid eligibility. Contact your caseworker for a copy of your eligibility status or go to the "My Medicaid" link on the "Home" page of Medicaid's website and set up an account to see more details about your Medicaid coverage.
You can use the online Recipient Change Report Form 295 located on Alabama Medicaid's website at Resources > Forms Library > Forms for Medicaid Applicants and Recipients, and in the My Medicaid web portal. You may also contact your case worker.