Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Information

Policies and procedures to ensure fairness, consistency and integrity in relationships between the Alabama Medicaid Agency and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Contact With P&T Committee Members

While we understand there is a level of coordination between members of the manufacturing industry and providers through the normal course of business, Alabama Medicaid asks manufacturers to respect P&T Committee members’ commitment to the State of Alabama by following the procedures available through the P&T policy. Also, as outlined in the P&T Committee Statement of Integrity, Committee members agree not to have ex parte contacts or discussions with manufacturers or representatives whose drugs are presented for review. This is specifically regarding drugs to be reviewed in an upcoming Medicaid P&T meeting.

Effective for July 1, 2016 PDL Updates:
Rule No. 560-X-16-.27 […] Medicaid may, to the extent permitted under 42 U.S.C. §1396r-8(d), enter into an agreement with a manufacturer to designate a drug that is subject to prior authorization as a preferred drug.