Medicaid Commissioner Warns Recipients of Fraudulent Calls


Commissioner Stephanie Azar of the Alabama Medicaid Agency warns Alabama’s citizens of fraudulent phone calls from a person claiming to be a representative of Medicaid. The caller states that “this is a confirmation call,” and they request a Medicaid number in order to generate a new card.

The Agency does not have representatives calling recipients to confirm Medicaid ID numbers in order to generate new cards. Recipients should not give this information, or any other personal information, to an unknown caller. Medicaid recipients can contact the Agency directly through the Recipient Call Center at 1-800-362-1504 in order to receive assistance.

The Office of the Attorney General with the State of Alabama has been notified of these phone calls, and they are working with telephone companies to eliminate or curtail robocalls. Medicaid will continue to actively monitor the situation to ensure Alabamians are provided with accurate and up-to-date information.