LTC Admission Software Upgrade



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TO:      LTC Admission Notification Software users and those who submit LTC Admission Notifications Electronically by other means


RE:      LTC Admission Software Upgrade Available


There is a new version 2.07 of the LTC Admission Software available on the web portal. This version of the software removes the SSN field from the Admission Notification form. The SSN will no longer be used to validate the recipient. Going forward the recipient will be validated the same way as in claims processing: the first two letters of first name and the Recipient ID.


If you are currently using version 2.06 of the software, and it was installed on your computer before January 16, 2019, you need to apply a patch before upgrading to version 2.07.


The patch is available on the LTC Admission Upgrade Page: To apply the patch, you will need to copy the two files located in into the software directory. The location for the software directory is c:\alltc20.


If you are currently using version 2.05 of the software, you will first need to download version 2.06 and then immediately download 2.07. You will not need to download the patch. 


If you need to do a new full install of either version of the software, it is available on the LTC Admission Software full install Page:


The SSN is no longer required for processing an electronic LTC Admission Notification.  If you are not able to apply the upgrades at this time, then you can fill the SSN field with all zeros.  You may also create your own transaction file for submission by placing nine zeros in LTC0008 positions 140 – 148; however, if you create your own submission file, the recipient’s name must be in upper case. This change was made in order to limit the exposure of the recipient’s SSN to only those who need it. Please note that the recipient’s name submitted on the file must match the name returned on the Medicaid Eligibility response in order to be considered valid.