Medicaid System Education and Training Survey Request


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TO:  All Providers


RE:   Medicaid System Education and Training Survey Request


The Alabama Medicaid Agency (Medicaid) is surveying providers enrolled in Medicaid to understand their learning experience with education and training on Medicaid System (Web Portal, Provider Electronic Solutions (PES) Software, and Long Term Care Admission (LTC) Notification software).


To accomplish this, Medicaid is requesting for providers to participate in a brief online survey for the Agency to better understand current learning experiences and preferences with Medicaid system.


While we hope that you can participate in this survey, in the event you cannot, you may forward this survey to a designated individual who can represent you and your area(s).


The deadline to complete this survey is January 13, 2023. You may access the survey here.


Providers with questions concerning the survey may contact the team at:


Thank you in advance for your participation!

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