RE: Cardiology and Radiology Prior Authorization Program Update


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TO:  Physicians, Radiologists, and Hospitals

As a reminder, all cardiology and radiology service providers (including out-of-state providers) must be enrolled with Alabama Medicaid before requesting prior authorization (PA).  PA submissions from non-enrolled providers will not be processed.


To enroll with the Agency, providers may go to the following link to complete the online application:
  or call provider enrollment at 1-888-223-3630.


Requesting Prior Authorization
Enrolled providers may request a PA for all MRIs, MRAs, CT scans, CTAs, and PET scans from eviCore, the Agency’s contractor, by:


• Phone at (888) 693-3211

• Fax at (888) 693-3210

• Website at  or 


Enrolled providers may request Nuclear Cardiology, Diagnostic Heart Catheterization, Stress Test (ECHO), Transesophageal Echo, and Transthoracic Echo from eviCore by:


• Phone at (855) 774-1318

• Website at or


Please direct questions to Susan Watkins at or Solomon Williams at

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