To be a registered Vendor with the State of Alabama, interested Vendors must complete an online registration form with the Alabama Finance Department's Purchasing Division.

Detailed instructions are available via the State Purchasing website:

Many RFPs include a copy of the Alabama Medicaid Management System (AMMIS) Interface Standards Document.
Click here to reference this document.

AMMP- System Integration Services RFP

2022-SIS-01 - Released 11/1/22
STAARS Document - Released 11/1/22
* Requirements of the RFP may be more restrictive. Refer to the requirements of the RFP.
SIS Appendix C - Pricing Schedule - 12/21/22
SIS Appendix E AMMP SI Services RFP Requirements Response Matrix - 12/21/22
AMMIS Interface Standards
2022-SIS-01 Questions and Answers Round 1 - 12/21/22
Amendment 1 to 2022-SIS-01 - 12/21/22
Procurement Library
Alabama State Holidays 2022-2023
Medicaid Enterprise Security Policy
Data Entity Catalog
Data Governance 918
ASMA Data Management Plan Template
DG Vendor Compliance
MES NTT DEL EA-f MMIS Concept Of Operation - 12/21/22
AMMP Plans Guides and Templates TOC
MES NTT DEL EA-k-1 MES Technical Reference Architecture
Incident and Service Desk Data for Medicaid Ops - 12/21/22
AMMP Organizational Responsibilities
Intro to Data Governance Framework
TO BE System Integration Interfaces – Object Descriptions Table
AMA ISO Medicaid Risk Management Strategy
2019 MITA Maturity Matrix
AMMP Acronyms and Glossary
AMA Enterprise Software List
AMA Interfaces List
Overview of Eligibility and Enrollment Systems and Ancillary Functions
Vendor Question Template

* Vendors may find it more convenient to use the Microsoft Excel version of the Vendor Question Template. Either format is acceptable.

AMA IST Governance SharePoint Site Access Request Form
SIS RFP Intent to Attend Mandatory Vendor Conference Notification - 12/21/22
SIS RFP Tab 6 – Tab 10 Response Example Structure
AMA-01 AMA Attestation and Agreement Document
MES NTT DEL OCM2a COM Approach - 12/21/22
2020 Alabama Annual Medicaid Report - 12/21/22


AMMP Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) RFP

2022-TCOE-01 - Released 3/22/22
STAARS Document - Released 3/22/22
* Requirements of the RFP may be more restrictive. Refer to the requirements of the RFP.
Amendment 1 to 2022-TCOE-01- Released 5/3/2022
Amendment 2 to 2022-TCOE-01- Released 6/16/2022
2022-TCOE-01 - Questions and Answers - Released 5/3/2022
2022-TCOE-01 - Questions and Answers Round 2 - Released 6/16/2022
2022-TCOE-01 - Announcement of Selected Vendor - 9/19/22
Procurement Library
Alabama State Holidays 2022
AMA-01 AMA Attestation and Agreement Document
AMMP Tools
AMMP Plans Guides and Templates TOC
Detailed Test Plan Template
TCOE Appendix C-Pricing Schedules
TCOE RFP Question Log Spreadsheet
TCOE Vendor Registration
TCOE RFP AMMP Requirement Response Matrix (RRM)
Test Evaluation and Management Plan (TEMP)
AMMP Roadmap
Key Personnel Resume Sheet

Archived Procurements

Note: All documents related to closed procurements are combined into a single file.